Development Finance

Development Finance

Western Money funds residential, commercial and mixed-use developments of single unit projects and larger, multi-unit schemes.


  • Loans from £75k to £50.0m
  • Up to 70% LTV on purchase
  • Up to 100% build costs
  • Up to 70% GDV
  • Available for commercial, residential properties and land with planning.
  • 1st Charge only
  • Loan to SPV’s, companies and individuals
  • Up to 36-month term


Case Study

Client was converting an old coach house into a single residential dwelling in south London. Not all developments go according to plan due to unforeseen circumstances. Western money used a common-sense approach to lending to ensure the client had funds to finish the property as quickly as possible, even though the build was behind schedule.


  • 65% of Land Value £200,000
  • 100% of Build Costs £150,000
  • GDV £550,000
  • 14-month term

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